Lymphatic Drainage in Phoenix - Pre and Post Surgical Care

How Can Lymphatic Drainage Benefit You?

Lymphatic drainage in Phoenix!  We love helping people heal faster after their procedures!  Whether you are getting cosmetic surgery or post-op total knee replacement, we are here for you!

Did you know, there are many benefits that can result from lymphatic drainage before and after surgery?  The application of lymphatic drainage has been shown to decrease pain, edema and inflammation.  In addition, its use has been show to promote tissue regeneration and reduce the formation of scars.   (Silent Waves, Chickly 339)

Applications of Lymphatic Drainage Before Surgery

Lymphatic Drainage before surgery is very beneficial and can be applied at least at least 24-48 hours and one or two sessions before surgery.  The reason for this is that lymphatic drainage not only drains toxins but stimulates the immune system.  

Surgeons also find it easier to make the incision through clean, well-drained tissue.  This is true in the case of any type of esthetic surgery.

Pre-Surgical Effects of LDT:

  • Prepares tisues for surgery
  • Decreases edema
  • Detoxifies tissue
  • Stimulates immune system - more effective for healing
  • Promotes a leaner surgical site

Applications of Lymphatic Drainage After Surgery

The use of lymphatic drainage after surgery helps prevent infection.  Should be administered 48-72 hours post-op provided there are no complications and with physician approval. 

Post-Surgical Benefits of LDT:

  • Detoxification from anesthesia
  • Prevents infection
  • Alleviates spasms and pain
  • Increases fluid circulation
  • Improve esthetic appearance of the scar

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